Sobrasada y butifarra de Ibiza

Sobrasada and butifarra made the traditional way. Ibiza’s finest sausages of an unmistakable flavour, made with Ibizan pork and natural spices.  

At Can Ros, as it happened in many other ibiza family homes, the traditional pork butchering “matanzas” took place. This deep rooted living tradition has been kept throughout the centuries. Its objective was to secure food for the family that would last a whole year.
When grandad Joan and his son Toni started the butcher’s shop and thanks to their already famous sobrasadas and butifarras, their demand grew. So, in Can Ros, the matanza became something more frequent than a once-a-year event as they needed to supply the orders of their fast growing clientele. For a while now and in order to guarantee all the sanitary protocols and food regulations, we started our own small manufacturing company based at our Can Bellotera premises, Can Ros. But we can reassure you, we are still using the original family recipe.
This is how we make our superior quality sausages, following our well-kept Can Ros family recipe, combining experience with technology and food safety in the production. This allows us to continue to contribute to the preservation of our Ibiza customs and culture. We produce premium sobrasadas and butifarras using natural ingredients: pigs reared in the Ibiza countryside, salt form the Salinas salt flats and a mix of all-natural spices. If we add to all this, the island’s humidity percentage and the curing and aging process, the outcome is a prized cold meat with unique gastronomical character. Cold meat sausage that is perfect to spread on bread and can also be used as a fine ingredient in other dishes.

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Ibiza pork, the star ingredient.

The pig was one of the first domesticated animals established in te Balearic islands and it’s farming industry has remained active and productive ever since. The pork we use comes from pigs reared by small local farmers on the island of Ibiza. That’s why unlike industrial farming, our pigs grow in the wild and are free to run around in the surroundings of their local farms and live a stress-free life.

Ibizan Black Pork - Porc Negre d'Eivissa.

The Ibizan black pork is an autochthonous breed of pig  from the Pitiusas Islands (Ibiza and Formentera). It’s distinguished by its black hair and concave contour head and specially because it’s DNA differs from other similar breeds.