Carne de cerdo en Can Ros

Pork is one of our leading products. Its meat is high in protein and rich in iron, antioxidants and vitamin B.

The pig was one of the first domestic animals established on the islands and its farming has remained productive and active until today. The pork of our butcher’s shop comes from small livestock farms both on the peninsula and from small Ibizan farms. So, unlike industrial systems, they run freely and live in their natural conditions without stress. Something that undoubtedly shows in its flavor. It has a high protein content, it is rich in vitamin B, antioxidants and minerals.


Carne de cerdo en can ros
Carne de cerdo en can ros
Sobrasada de Can Ros

Our Sobrasada and Butifarra, Ibiza's finest sausage, is made from Ibizan pork

This is how we make our superior quality sausages, following our well-kept Can Ros family recipe, combining experience with technology and food safety in the production. This allows us to continue to contribute to the preservation of our Ibiza customs and culture. We produce premium sobrasadas and butifarras using natural ingredients: pigs reared in the Ibiza countryside, salt form the Salinas salt flats and a mix of all-natural spices. If we add to all this, the island’s humidity percentage and the curing and aging process, the outcome is a prized cold meat with unique gastronomical character. Cold meat sausage that is perfect to spread on bread and can also be used as a fine ingredient in other dishes.